Sunday, September 18, 2011

Key names widely used in Crypto world

3DESTriple Data Encryption Standard
AESAdvanced Encryption Standard
AWKAcquirer Working Key
CDACombined Data Authentication
CMKControl Master Key
CVKCard verification key
CVVCard verification Value
DCEData Communication equipment
DDADynamic Data Authentication
DESData Encryption standard
DLDouble Length
EFPTOSElectronic fund transfer at POS
ENCVisa issuer Master Encryption Key
IMKacMaster card Issuer Master Key for the generation of AC generation
IMKdacMaster card Issuer Master Key for the generation of data Authentication code
IMKmacMaster card Issuer Master Key for the generation of Message Authentication Code
IMKsmcMaster card Issuer Master Key for the generation of Secure Message confidentiality
IMKsmiMaster card Issuer Master Key for the generation of Secure messaging Integrity
IWKIssuer Working Key
KCLKey Compromise List
KCVKey check Value
KMKmacCard unique key derived from IMKmac
LMKLocal Master Key
MACVisa Issuer Message Authentication Code
MDKVisa Issuer Master Derivation Key
MDK encIssuer Master encryption key for script commands
MDK macIssuer master MAC key for script commands
MDKacIssuer Master Key for AC generation
MKsmcCard unique key derived from IMKsmc
P1Public Keys
PANPrimary Account Number
PEKPIN Encipherment Key
PINPersonal Identification Number
PROMProgrammable Read only memory
PVKPIN Verification Key
PVKIPIN Verification Key Indicator
PVVPIN Verification Value
RSARivest Shamir Adleman (public key cryptography algorithm)
S1Private key sets
SAService Agents
SDKSoftware Development Kit
SDAStatic Data Authentication
TAKTerminal Authentication Key
TCPTransport control Protocol
TDKTerminal Derivation Key
TEKTerminal Encryption Key
TMKTerminal Master Key
TPKTerminal PIN Key
UDKcard unique key derived from MDK
UDK macCard unique derived from MAC
UDKencCard Unique key derived from ENC
VSDCVisa Smart Debit Credit
WKWorking Key
WWKWatch World Key
X’NNA 2 Digit Hexadecimal value , used to represent one byte
ZAKZone authentication Key
ZCMKZone control Master Key
ZEKZone encryption Key
ZMKZone Master Key
ZPKZone Pin Key
ZTKZone Transport Key