Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Highlights of Cisco's 2010 Security Threat and Trends..

Extract from Cisco 2010 Annual Security Report:
Whether they’re creating malware that can subvert industrial processes or tricking Facebook users into handing over login and password information, today’s cyber criminals have a powerful weapon at their disposal: the exploitation of trust. They have become skilled at convincing users that their infected links and URLs are safe to click on, and that they are someone the user knows and trusts. And with stolen security credentials, they can freely interact with legitimate software and systems.
When trust is exploited, more damage can be done with fewer intrusions—the criminal essentially has been given permission to wreak havoc on compromised systems and software. “Miscreants are continuing to find new and creative ways to exploit network, system, and even human vulnerabilities to steal information or do damage,” says John N. Stewart, vice president and chief security officer for Cisco. “The challenge is that we need to block their exploits 100 percent of the time if we are to protect our networks and information. They can be right once;we have to be right all of the time. We need to be ever vigilant in our efforts to protect our assets, information, and ourselves online.”
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