Tuesday, January 11, 2011

MAC - Google CHROME - SMH dont seem to go well

Google Chrome: Browser which i always use for my every day browsing and thats mainly for its speed. Couple of weeks before when i was browsing the internet with several web pages open i found this interesting scenario when my facebook friends photo were appearing in Sydney Morning Herald web page.
i initially thought a friend became a celebrity to have his pic in front page of www.smh.com.au, but then scrolling down the page revealed many of my Facebook friends photo appearing  in the Sydney Morning Herald page in a professional way. Find few of the screenshots
All the arrows marked shows the pic of the FB users from my friend list. Guessing this must be a bug out in google chrome in the way its cache's the page. Drilling through the source code, i am unable to find the correct reason behind but planning to use a burp proxy to check on this could give me something interesting. But meanwhile do anyone came across anything similar or any suggestions on what could have happened???