Sunday, January 3, 2010


During researching online, its common to have multiple searches running at different tabs/ windows at the same time. Navigating between tabs and windows can often be annoying  and chances we may lose track or miss   the flow in search. I came across this site which has the ability to run 4 Google searches in a single tab. It will be very useful for people with big screen and dual screen computers.
Site is named under There is a green arrow, clicking it pop ups a windows asking for specific URL that you wanted to run on that specific window. A dedicated "W" icon for Wikipedia and a "X" close it  if you choose to use only 3 or 2 partitions.
Additionally it also has a menu option to open closed tab, set pages on start up, always Google 4, big list of other google, side by side search.

Hope you enjoyed 4googles..Comment if you got any more ideas