Saturday, January 2, 2010

Office of Inadequate security has revealed their latest list of top 10 breaches with reports suggesting the reason behind the decline in data breach report in comparison to last year. .
2009, had  breaches ranged from small, regional breaches involving local businesses to national breaches involving credit and debit cards. There are also some mega-breaches with huge of people victimized. One such breach that victimized 130 million people in  2009 was
Heartland Payment Systems:
 No  of Records or PeopleEntityDate of Incident or ReportType of Incident 130,000,000                  
Heartland Payment Systems2009-01-20Hack, Malware
Visa and MasterCard were the first one to notice the suspicious activity and raised their warning for Heartland, N.J.-based payment system company. Turns out that Heartland was the target of one of the biggest cyber-fraud schemes ever, one allegedly carried out by a former Secret Service informant and Russian hackers. Also targeted were Hannaford Brothers, 7-Eleven and two unnamed national retailers. Almost three-dozen separate lawsuits on behalf of consumers, investors, banks and credit unions have been filed against Heartland.
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